Personal Injury

Every day, people are injured in accidents that were caused by someone else. Often, the reason for the accident is a simple mistake, like forgetting to put out a “Wet Floor” sign. At other times, the culprit is careless or reckless behavior. Whatever the root cause may be, the point still remains that when someone gets hurt as a result of such actions, that person has a right to pursue financial compensation. The amount of compensation they receive should reflect the severity of their injuries, the extent of their pain and suffering, and the amount of time they have to miss work as a result.

Unfortunately, injury victims often don’t receive the amount of compensation they rightfully deserve, which is why the legal field of personal injury exists. A seasoned personal injury attorney can help to ensure that the victim’s rights and well-being are protected as they seek financial compensation. At the Law Office of John A Bunnett, I assist victims of injury with the following case types, and more:

  • Automobile, Motorcycle, and Pedestrian Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Slip and Falls
  • Construction Accidents
  • Uninsured Motorist Claims
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Closed Head Injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

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Do I Need an Attorney?

Handing your personal injury lawsuit without an attorney can lead to serious consequences down the road. For instance, insurance companies tend to offer as little as they can get away with to the person who was injured. As a result, that person may not have enough compensation to cover all the costs that came as a result of their injury — current and future medical bills, physical therapy, income lost from missing work, and so on.

By having an attorney at your side from the beginning, you are taking preemptive action against injustices of this nature. An experienced attorney can not only help you determine how much your settlement should be worth; they can also ensure that all the necessary legal documents are in order and nothing is overlooked.

Why Choose the Law Office of John A Bunnett?

I have been practicing law since 1983, which means I know the ins and outs of personal injury law, as well as how to negotiate with insurance adjusters. Additionally, I have a wealth of resources throughout the Los Angeles area of California, and I am more than happy to use them to my clients’ benefit. Best of all, I work on a contingency fee basis, which means you owe me absolutely nothing unless I recover money for your case. If this is the kind of attorney you’d like on your side, I encourage you to give me a call.

Put Your Trust in an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

I sincerely hope the injury that brought you to this page isn’t severe, but I am ready to assist you with your legal situation regardless of your case type. If you’re ready to learn more about the personal injury process, I invite you to reach out to my office today. I will be glad to answer your questions and help you figure out what to do next.